Last Wed I had conversations with two very different groups of people from our church who echoed the same sentiments: WE WANT OUR CHURCH BACK!

None of those people are interested in FPCB becoming a narrow exclusive private club for people who all think alike but a place where they can worship, serve the community, and hear great music and good preaching — completely along the lines of our Vision.  They want to have “Fellowship”  — one of my favorite words — with lots of other people and not just those whose theological, political, and social beliefs they share. They want a church to be married in and buried from, a place to be safe, to belong, a place to invite friends and bring relatives for holidays. Some have more specific connections – the music, the Sunday schools, the pre-school, the caring ministries, the missions, foreign or local. Some want a more specifically religious focus on bible study and aspects of contemporary Christianity but avoiding involvement in current political and social issues – and others want a place where those issues of social justice and peace, taking the Word to the world, are foremost.

The tension among those different purposes, however, is far outweighed by the UNITY of the desire to remain one body, to “go on as we always have” – the “center on Center.”