the reverend doctor harry freebairn

The Rev. Dr. Harry Freebairn

What a joy it has been for me to lead worship these Sundays in June. I have had the opportunity to taste your community life and feel your resolve. The First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem PC(USA) is alive and well. Your future is secure in Jesus Christ.

These preaching occasions have provided me an opportunity to grow as well. With you I have celebrated the lives and ministries of ordinary Christians who have made a difference in the world. We eavesdropped on Bishop John of Ephesus as he prayed Jesus’s Prayer for unity in John 17, and responded to his invitration to reach out to old friends who have separated from us. Last Sunday you listened supportively as I shared a particularly difficult inicdent in my life when I could not forgive a trusted colleague who harmed me emotionally. It took seven years to release that painful burden to God. It was helpful to learn that some of you sent through similar experiences!

This week we join the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, as he leads up to his second inaugural address, the shortest such address in American history. Those memorable words encircle his statue in the Lincoln Memorial. They are our challenge and opportunity as we emerge from our own civil war and seek to unite again as one church. Join me in worship.

In Christ,

Pastor Harry Freebairn

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